What is truth?

One of my coworkers is a man who was sent away from the FLDS over four years ago and is still “faithful.” Out of respect for him, having once been in his shoes, I don’t push my thought or “My Truth” on people. He has asked some questions and I have answered with kid gloves, feeling his resistance.

Through the course of the six to eight months of working together, he approached me on four different occasions, asking the same question. I answered each time, simple and with “my truth.”

Today he excitedly said, “I am going to meet someone who will finally tell me the truth.”

I truly hope this man finds what he is looking for. He is a good, honest man who wants to do what’s right and make right choices. I respect him for his desires. I too had to come to the place in my heart when I was ready for “The Truth.”

If I may, I’ll share withdownload you “My Truth”.

Who has “The Truth?”

The truth” is in “YOU”, my truth is in me, each one of us has our truth. Listen and allow your hearts to tell you what is “The Truth”. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what your truth is. Listen. “Your heart” and “your truth” will be made known.




What is Love?

I often ask myself this question.

How can you truly love someone, whether they be family, siblings, spouse, children, friends, or someone you don’t know yet. How do you feel an honest connection and affinity for?

How can you turn your back on someone you love? To me it’s a mystery. One of the hardest things in my life have been to feel rejection from my loved ones. Does that affect my love? It can’t unless I let it. I chose to be love. Love is not the easiest way, but I find the most freedom in it. Darkness is subtle at first, so much you don’t even know it’s there until you’re swallowed up in hurt, anger, resentment, and animosity.

Who has the truest Love?332a23b12bad43720975c250528fce1f

Jesus Christ— His love is unconditional, eternal, unchanging.

It was one of the greatest truths I learned as I battled through the confusion when my life was ripped away from me.

If it’s not “Love” it is not “God”. That’s pretty plain and simple. If you are told to turn your back on someone or withhold love, that alone can be proof enough it is not “Of God”.