Little Heroes

It’s amazing how the universe bows to us when we follow what feels right. Not exactly what you want to do, but what feels right. Everything comes together in amazing ways. FAITH is a powerful energy the universe respects.

My children and I have been given opportunities to help others through the same experiences we have been through. A countless number of times we’ve been asked to share our story. We all resisted each time we were approached. Going through our own personal demons, we had to rise above to become victors.

We have become an amazingly happy, grateful, and strong family after very horrific experiences. Through adversity, we have become empowered.

We choose now as a family to share in our victories, joyfully express the blessings, struggles, breakthroughs, and empowerment as we all came to find peace and happiness in life.

We have been inspired by others. We take on the opportunity to share, that we may also help inspire people.

I am so proud of my children and the choices we have made as a family to tell our story of faith, love, and triumph.

My Family of Little Heroes

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Short Creek Community

I remember the days when the Short Creek community was flourishing. We wanted to live our lives and beliefs in peace.

We were told by everyone we trusted to fear the outside world. We were told they were the enemy. People outside of the community wanted to destroy us and break up our families. It was because of “religious persecution.”

We should have stood against those who sat in front of us, telling us these things. They are the ones that overshadowed our community and destroyed our families.

Now who are the ones opening their hearts unconditionally, welcoming us into their lives, taking us in as their own? Adopting our children when their own parents turn their backs on them? They are the ones who do not judge. It’s those people who are trying to help us glue our families back together as much as possible.

It’s beautiful to see people, women, men, standing up for what they believe in, no matter what it might be. Women for the first time in that community standing up, earning their own power and voice! The very definition of strength. You Rock On!

I can never be grateful enough, or ever repay the unconditional love of new friends and families, the communities that welcome us, supporting me and my family, showing us what the true love of Christ is.

feeling thankful.

It’s The Little Things

Today I’ve been thinking about kindness and how much our actions impact lives. I know in my life I remember most the way I felt around others. The lasting impressions that impacted my life, positive or negative. The person I am today is a result of little impressions as a  child. I made the choice of who I want to become, as well as who I didn’t want to be. As the old saying goes


Parents, we impact a child’s life the most. What that child feels is important. Let that child feel heard. Though we are the “parents,” if we want their respect, they deserve ours.


Hello From the Allred’s!


We are doing beautifully well. We are so thankful that we are together, happy and free to choose our lives and what we will be.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to so many kind, loving people welcoming and showing us what it’s like to give and love freely.


Welcome to my World!

Hello, I am excited to share my adventures…

We all have a story, each one is important. I have had constant requests to share mine.

I’m opening up my world to all those who want to ride this roller coaster and get a glimpse into my Life as Sarah!

I have not chosen my path but I choose how I take my journey

My life has been amazing, full of love, romance, sacrifice, fear, jealousy, excitement, pain, sorrow, anger, brokenness, redemption, acceptance, peace, and finally triumph!!