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Lyle Jeffs

Many have heard the wonderful news of Lyle Jeffs being captured. That’s a big “thoughts” place for me. Aside from his, charges, there is so much more this man is guilty of. Acts that so outshine and make these charges seem minute. … Continue reading

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Short Creek Community

I remember the days when the Short Creek community was flourishing. We wanted to live our lives and beliefs in peace. We were told by everyone we trusted to fear the outside world. We were told they were the enemy. … Continue reading

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Choose Freedom

Don’t let your experiences make you hard- become strong Don’t let your pain make you hate- love more Never allow yourself to turn bitter- choose freedom      -SA

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I grew up with this friend who, though quiet, was a cheerful girl. My friend loved life to its fullest.      Through the placement marriage at sixteen, she was given to a man old enough to be her Father, possibly Grandfather. I … Continue reading

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Listen to Your Heart

     Looking through my pictures and a few letters I still have, my mind ponders. I think of the love we shared. The deepest, heartfelt connection. The kindest, loving, most genuine man I’ve ever known. “To know him is … Continue reading

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When someone starts “speaking out”, one is automatically branded as a Rank Apostate, bitter, or seeking to do harm. That is what the leaders of the FLDS want everyone to think in hopes Truth will not be made known. Honestly, … Continue reading

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What is truth? One of my coworkers is a man who was sent away from the FLDS over four years ago and is still “faithful.” Out of respect for him, having once been in his shoes, I don’t push my … Continue reading

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What is Love? I often ask myself this question. How can you truly love someone, whether they be family, siblings, spouse, children, friends, or someone you don’t know yet. How do you feel an honest connection and affinity for? How … Continue reading

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