County Fair – part one

“Hip Hip Hurray!”

I woke up with a jump, threw on my clothes, and slipped quietly out the kitchen door. I ran to see if the fat momma pig had her piglets in the night. This was the fourth morning in a row I won every one out there. That meant I was going to be the first one to chose my pig to show in the county fair. My heart was as light as a feather and as happy as can be!

Being the only girl of my mom’s twelve children I had to keep on my toes to stay ahead of the constant challenge of all brothers.

At nine years old I finally got to be part of 4 -H and determined to win a prize. I skipped joyfully to the sow’s pen.

Coming around the side of the pig pen my heart dropped to the bottom of my toes.

“What! That’s no fair!” I loudly protested with an angry stomp of my foot.

The one morning I wasn’t the first one to the sow’s pen she had her babies. Five boys stood there in the pig pen each one with a claimed pig in his arms! Just my luck.

I did not want to look weak or let my brothers think they got one up on me. I put on my most stubborn, sassy, and competitive personality. I climbed through the panels and marched straight to the littlest pig of all.

“Good, I’m glad none of you took the pig I want.” I mustered up my best poker face.

I picked up the cute little runt that had been rejected not only by the others but her momma as well.

“Oh now, aren’t you the poorest little piggy. How do you like Lottie?” I held her to my heart and snuggled her in my arms. My mind went to the pig movie Charlotte’s Web, one of the few movies I was allowed to watch. I turned around with a sassy little swing of my hips and gave one of my killer dirty looks in the direction of the boys.

My brothers, as usual, started laughing at my dramatics.

“Sis, you’re going to baby her so much she won’t even have hams.” They cheerfully chanted, shoving past me, yelling “last one into breakfast gets to feed and water the pigs today.”

I didn’t care as I looked at Lottie. Holding her close to my heart I whispered in her tiny pink ear.

“We’re going to win the grand prize this year.”

Tenderly I gave my new little piggy one last gentle squeeze. I scooted off before there was no food left. Sometimes I think we have a houseful of pigs! Smiling smugly I hurried into the kitchen.

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