County Fair – part two

Working day and night, most of my extra time was spent with Lottie. Time seemed to fly. Before I knew it we were loading Lottie up to proudly show her off.

When we got to the fairgrounds the parking lot was very crowded. Dad found a parking spot I jumped out butterflies dancing excitedly in my stomach. There were metal buildings all around. Dad led us to to the open shed where we needed to be.  

I’m glad I didn’t have to drive here by myself, I’d be lost.  I envisioned my small frame trying to sit on the seat and touch the pedals and trying to see over the dashboard. Joe was not too much older than me and he had been driving on the farm all the time, why couldn’t I drive. It sucks being a girl.


My mind got so wrapped up in my day-dreams I bumped into another kid twice my size. What the heck was he doing not watching where he was going?

Oh boy, it stinks in here! Wait a minute where are we going? I didn’t realize I couldn’t see dad or anyone else. Just then Roy came up behind me and tugged my long brown braid.

“Where the heck are you going! We’re over here!”

I was daydreaming and wandered clear to the opposite side of the building!  I should have noticed I was in the lamb section of the place. Rushing, I tried to catch up to my brother but he made it back before me. At least I could see where our spot was.

“I think I’m going to pay better attention from now on!”

A little embarrassed, I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed.

My mom made all my dresses, that is all I wore. Even though it was wrong I wanted to dress like other people.  I wanted people to see Lottie, not me for looking different. I had to fight down the wicked thought. Dad taught us to be proud of who we are and if we are not proud of it, why are we doing what we are doing?

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