Listen to Your Heart

     Looking through my pictures and a few letters I still have, my mind ponders. I think of the love we shared. The deepest, heartfelt connection. The kindest, loving, most genuine man I’ve ever known. “To know him is to love him.” I knew Rich better than anyone else in the whole world. My heart talked to his. I think about what we went through together, among other things the greatest being six magnificently beautiful miracles. As loving a Dad as any child could have.

   Rich was so courageous, I thought “nothing or no one can break him.”

Slowly, I watched the life squeeze out of him.

 How can love be so strong yet not strong enough? How can you love with your whole heart and suddenly walk away?  How can anyone have that much power? How was anything stronger than the covenants and promises.

    “It” happened so subtly. Piece by tiny piece, using 99 truths to one lie. Taking one truth and manipulating it. “You are the Fool and the Devil laughs.” Caught up in the power of the “one man”.

Having given away your own power, you have none left. Having given him your heart, you no longer feel.

Child- “Mom, I can’t pray.”

Mother- “Why my child”

Child- “Whenever I close my eyes to pray, all I see in my mind is Warren Jeffs.”

This is true! This is real! I have been in “those shoes” when the only thing I had left was listening to my heart, oh what a beautiful freedom that is!

I pray our loved ones can have the strength to be delivered from what they don’t know holds them bound.



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