Lyle Jeffs

Many have heard the wonderful news of Lyle Jeffs being captured.

That’s a big “thoughts” place for me. Aside from his, charges, there is so much more this man is guilty of. Acts that so outshine and make these charges seem minute. Lyle has aided in the loss of so many people’s lives, if not in death to some it’s worse. He is the cause of so many sleepless nights, tears, and children’s nightmares. Because of this man, faith, trust, hope, and future have disappeared from so many. Some have been able to break free and mend but to many, their lives will be haunted with the terror this man has created.

I see a darkness in me when I feel so happy to see someone else suffer. I was shocked they actually kicked Lyle to the curb like that, and most of all that he allowed himself to be kicked to the curb.

However it happened, I believe the Leaders saw he was no longer an asset. I’m sure they used some excuse he displeased the Lord ect… but you and I know he must have grieved God so many years and so many sins ago. What shocks me is he accepted it. I believe that shows he was as brainwashed in his corrupted evil mind as so many others, or there were others above him he was scared of. I’ve always known he was an evil pawn on the board and this proves my theory. I saw the inside on a different level than most. I was on the side that saw people who were above his power. I was never under Lyle’s judgment. He was never Bishop over me so I did not have much one on one communication with Lyle myself. Why do I feel so happy he has justice? The part Lyle plays in my life is what he did to my children while I was away. I have had to fight the feeling of anger, hate and wanting to take justice into my own two hands when I thought of Lyle as well as many of the other people involved in the injustice that happened to my innocent, helpless children. Justice was served the day Lyle was finally captured. I hope it continues to be served and he never gets out because the impact and cruelty this person has done has injured so many people in ways they will never escape from.

Part of me is happy he got a tiny taste of what he himself took part in putting so many men, women and most of all innocent children through.

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