Repentance/Corrections ?

Many have asked what it means to be sent on “a repentance” or “a correction”. There are multiple answers to this question.

Repentance was different for men and women. Men were sent on a repentance and their families never knew if they would see them again. In 2004, it progressed to women being corrected as well. Repentance for a woman was so underground not even the immediate family members would know their whereabouts. It was not outwardly known by other members that women were getting corrected for years, and some may not know still.

 Repentance is where one is removed from the comfort of their loved ones and placed separate from others, being told to get closer to God and repent of you ways. The purpose was to break a person into submission, shredding their self-worth. 

Repentance often happened to those who were strong minded and self-willed. Also to those who might question or think too much.

Because of the position my husband held, I was aware of things happening that others didn’t know about. I myself know the process, having been through it myself.

I saw this happen to a select number of Mothers beginning in 2005. I saw many of those same mothers, years later in 2012 when FLDS leaders cast them out of the cult and condemned to hell.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Sarah, there is only one requirement of repentance – when Jesus said, Repent and believe, and you will be saved.” You know it and believe it – hallelujah!

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