What is truth?

One of my coworkers is a man who was sent away from the FLDS over four years ago and is still “faithful.” Out of respect for him, having once been in his shoes, I don’t push my thought or “My Truth” on people. He has asked some questions and I have answered with kid gloves, feeling his resistance.

Through the course of the six to eight months of working together, he approached me on four different occasions, asking the same question. I answered each time, simple and with “my truth.”

Today he excitedly said, “I am going to meet someone who will finally tell me the truth.”

I truly hope this man finds what he is looking for. He is a good, honest man who wants to do what’s right and make right choices. I respect him for his desires. I too had to come to the place in my heart when I was ready for “The Truth.”

If I may, I’ll share withdownload you “My Truth”.

Who has “The Truth?”

The truth” is in “YOU”, my truth is in me, each one of us has our truth. Listen and allow your hearts to tell you what is “The Truth”. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what your truth is. Listen. “Your heart” and “your truth” will be made known.



About Sarah

The Compelling story of a young woman's courage, being born, raised and married in the sheltered dictatorship of FLDS Cult under the leadership and rule of Warren Jeffs. At eighteen I entered into an arranged marriage and happily fell in love with the love of my life. Richard S Allred was grandson and personal bodyguard to leader Rulon Jeffs and later Warren Jeffs. I lived my full married life in close surveillance of “the Prophets” family. I being the first of five wives, learned how to open my heart, arms, and home. A mother of six and wife of fourteen years, I lived for my family and lived wholeheartedly my religion. As the Leadership adjusted our world would be turned upside down and shaken. My Husband was a founder of the different secrets that were transpiring that people would only hear about years later. My children continually were kept from me and finally ripped away and I was "sent away" forever Being cast out, thrown into a world I was taught to abhor and fear my entire life. Entirely stripped of everything, home, family, friends, seemingly my very existence. Through adversity, I found strength within. I found my voice taking power, and learning my true potential. Fighting for my kids, going against everything I once knew and loved. Now thirty-six and a single mom of seven beautiful children I fight to give them a new life becoming strong and independent in this modern world.
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