Sending My Love

For many years I have sought to obtain the legal documents for my two children born on the FLDS compound in Pringle South Dakota. My Nine-year-old daughter was born shortly after the Texas Raid on the FLDS compound known as the YFZ Ranch. Because of the raid, there were many mothers who, for the first time realized how important a birth certificate actually was. Some may think- “a no-brainer.”

I have often asked myself the same question. My answer, I was so focused on pleasing the church leaders to prevent them from taking my children there was little time to question how that could affect their future and mine as a mother.

The FLDS Texas Raid, we pleaded religious persecution and believed it was the devil’s way of trying to destroy “the work of God.”

Few knew what had been going on for a very long time behind the public eye and community. Warren starts separating his own children from their mothers. Warren took my children away from me as well, the intensely long separation and longing inspired these words-

Sending My Love

When in the morn as I open my eyes

Or seeking at bedtime His Comfort Supplies

Of you I am thinking, remember my love

And know God is blessing us all from above

Can you feel my arms around you? I’m holding you near

Sence lips on your cheek, it all seems so clear.

I long for your smile, to see you grow tall

Share your achievements, lift up when you fall

Do washing and mending, comb long shiny hair

And teach you the truths of sweet heavenly prayer

So when sun is shining or moonbeam its glow

When fierce storms are gathering, wind starts to blow

Just know Heavenly Father’s collecting my love

And sending express mail to you from above

How I yearn to be with you each hour every day

And join in the work humbly teaching God’s way

You’re helping in Zion, blessing in love

Happy and cheerful responding on the run

Stay close to Father, obedient be

Then we’ll be together through eternity

So when sun is shining or moonbeam its glow

When fierce storms are gathering wind starts to blow

We’ll trust in our Father in Heaven above

Reaching together for His perfect love

I’m sending my love to you from above

I wrote those words in 2005 after fifteen months of separation from my children. The same words were used in a song to try to win the sympathy of the world against the said injustice. When an even greater injustice inspired them.

It was a betrayal if we allowed the secrets of R23/South Dakota Compound/Zion punishable worse than death. Men lost their families and priesthood because they didn’t have faith enough to keep the Government officials from entering the Texas Compound and more importantly the Temple.

We were not allowed to obtain the birth certificates for resons I did not know. When given the oprotunity the mothers who had given birth to babies on the land did what we could to get a birth certificate using other addresses in order to obtain birth certificates and not going against the leaders council to not get one in South Dakota. I too started the process but because of cercomstances out of my control I was not able to obtain a delayed Birth Certificate.

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