“Inside” the story

There are personal things on this video that were not portrayed as I spoke them. One part it sounds like I admitted to seeing a ten-year-old with a baby. "... I knew a girl when she was ten or eleven years old; I saw her on land of refuge South Dakota four years later and she … Continue reading “Inside” the story

Rachel Jeffs – Breaking Free

Hello, my friends! It’s been a bit…. The question “What do you think about Rachel Jeffs book and interviews. “What do I think,” I ask myself. Honestly, it’s not so easy. It triggers me, reminding me of pain but, also happy times. When I see interviews with Rachel Jeffs I see someone who has created something beautiful … Continue reading Rachel Jeffs – Breaking Free

Power of Voice

Power of Voice Living in a small world of mostly adults and men, for the first 16 years of my life, sassy, stubborn, determined and fearlessly I, fought. I was finally feeling heard. This only lasted a few 4-5 short years despite the fight. Motherhood became a source to control me. When I came to realize I was in so deep … Continue reading Power of Voice


The choices we make each day impact our future, UBER. 3 A.M. – I wake up to I little body slither quietly into my bed trying to be so quiet. Lying on my side, she settles in with her back to me. Her little head snuggled in using my arm as her pillow. Soon it … Continue reading Choices

Sending My Love

For many years I have sought to obtain the legal documents for my two children born on the FLDS compound in Pringle South Dakota. My Nine-year-old daughter was born shortly after the Texas Raid on the FLDS compound known as the YFZ Ranch. Because of the raid, there were many mothers who, for the first … Continue reading Sending My Love

Petition and Motion

Breaking News September 14, 2017 Petition and Motion to Establish Delayed Birth Certificate in South Dakota The day Allred’s have been waiting for Today Allred’s are getting their day in court. State of South Dakota has agreed to a court hearing via phone. A South Dakota lawyer has offered to represent Sarah as she makes … Continue reading Petition and Motion