Give Me Back My Children


My First Published Book! I’m an Author.

My Pen Name – Kathy Jaelyn. 

For the privacy and protection of others involved, I have changed all the names to living persons in this book. Everything in this book no matter how crazy or unbelievable are in FACT true as per Sarah/Kathy Jaelyn. 

We are the change that must be made in the world for our children to have a better future. – One Step at a time – SA

I chose to self-publish my first book as to intentionally keep the exclusive rights and control over the sensitive subjects and facts in my autobiography from being altered or misrepresented. It is not for fame or sympathy I have carefully written. I am not ashamed of who I am or what I have written because it has made me and my children the people we are today in which I am very thankful and proud of. I have allowed my most private life and experiences to be shared with the complex world in sincere hopes to inspire, heal and bring cultural awareness.…

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